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Why all the hate for 2011?

As another calendar year comes to an end and a new year anxiously waits for it’s turn with us, I can’t help but get frustrated at the number of people who have done nothing in the last few weeks but shit on 2011 like it was a roadside portapot.

I get that life is frustrating. Bad things happen. Not everything goes the way we plan.

But really the ENTIRE year sucked? I sincerely doubt every waking moment in 2011 was filled with terribleness.

I am not trying to be ultra peppy or a total cheerleader, but if you don’t take a moment to celebrate the good things that have happened in your past year, how can 2012 ever live up to your hopes and dreams?

So take a minute and write down 12 good things that happened in 2011. One for each month. I challenge you to go into 2012 celebrating your past and taking that positivity to ring in the new year!


2 responses

  1. PJ

    I think it’s easier to wallow in the bad stuff, feel pity for ourselves, and gain attention from others by focusing on the bad rather than being grateful for what we have that’s going well. Sort of like that whole when I do something good no one remembers but when I do something bad no one forgets type of thing. You are absolutely right though!

    December 31, 2011 at 1:42 am

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