Traveling through life with a timer and sneakers


One week in, three weeks to go. A reflection.

It has been one week since I committed to the Project GET HEALTHY challenge. And while I have attempted to follow all three of my daily tasks, I am figuring out that I still need to find a happy balance between socializing and getting healthy.

I also realize that taking up a challenge when my life has little structure makes it difficult to maintain from day to day. Without a scheduled wake-up or bedtime, I am free floating (and enjoying it). However, with the start of the school year, this is guaranteed to change.

So I have attempted to stay active and eat more vegetables. I tracked everything until social events overtook my weekend. And then the foods I ate were no longer ones my body agreed with and my activity stalled as I have been laid up with awful stomach pains.

Life is a learning process and I will just keep taking notes through the journey.



It’s been a long year. A crazy year. A FABULOUS year. 

A lot of amazing things have happened.

However in the process of this amazingness, something has slipped out of sight. And out of sight is out of mind as the old adage goes.

My health hasn’t been the focus for months. I haven’t cooked for myself in ages nor have I logged what I have eaten or made a concerted effort to be active.

However, as life changes and time opens up, it as though someone was reading my mind when a challenge appeared over my Facebook feed. Thanks to Eating Rules for sharing the link to Social Butterfly Guy‘s 28-day Project GET HEALTHY.

Starting tomorrow for the next 28 days, I have three goals:

1. Track my meals daily

2. Get 20 minutes of activity in 6 days a week.

3. Eat more vegetables

I’ll be tracking using MyFitnessPal but will also stop by here, my ignored blog, to share thoughts as I can. With the start of school fast approaching, it will definitely be a challenge. But based on everything that has happened in 2012 thus far, I am ready for it!