Traveling through life with a timer and sneakers

What I take on the plane: Tips for carry-on luggage!

I wanted to take a picture of the good eats I bought for the weekend but I haven’t had a moment of downtime. So instead of a post about the food, which will have to come later, I decided to tell you a bit about what I pack in my carry-on for these plane trips. It’s funny to me when friends who aren’t involved in debate freak out about flying and ask tons of people for advice on what to pack. My carry-on is in a virtual state of preparedness. I am never *not* packed for a trip. Probably because I don’t have time to unpack from the last one.

I bring two carry-on bags and neither of them are a suitcase. I understand that airlines charge for luggage, and that sucks. However, I also recognize the stress that carrying everything on entails. Especially when you have teens in tow. Until I made elite status on Delta, I always carried on luggage for my personal travels and I was paranoid about overhead space and fitting everything into smaller bags. However, now my bags fly for free. And my students always check bags, so there is no time savings for me to carry on mine. So, as I mentioned before, I carry on two smaller bags.

The first bag is my camera bag. I love my DSLR. It’s my baby. I have two bags I alternate for it. One is a Jo Tote which doubles as a purse. The other is a basic small camera bag that just holds the camera and an additional lens. I have a strap attached to it for one of my pillows, which will be discussed later, and it has a pouch for my cell phone. But that’s it. Small and simple.

The second bag varies, depending on how long the trip is. However it always holds my laptop. I have a Camelbak that has a laptop sleeve as well as a Mobile Edge bag which holds my laptop and small travel printer. The Camelbak is great when I want to throw my travel pillows and a blanket in for a red-eye flight but it isn’t as protective for the printer.

I mentioned pillows. I have one for my back (not this exact one but close) and this neck pillow I LOVE! It is bulkier than an inflatable but so much better for sleeping. Seriously, if you travel and like to sleep on planes, you need one! When I bring a jacket on board, I forgo the blanket to save space.

In addition to the tech and the pillows, I have a set of headphones and my iPhone which doubles as a music player and e-reader. And snacks. I always have snacks for the flight. Whether it is fresh fruit, pistachios, a single energy bar or a sandwich and fresh veggies. One thing to note though is that I never pack more than I plan on eating. Because when boredom hits, I am tempted to eat it all. So portion control is key.

What is in your carry-on? Any unique tips? Would love to hear them!


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