Traveling through life with a timer and sneakers

Starbucks. You should probably buy some stock in it.

This will be the first of many odes to one of my biggest vices. But as the first day of competition at the Glenbrooks wraps up and I desperately seek some sleep, I wanted to pay homage to the over priced frilly beverages that brighten my debate-ridden days.

green and white paper cup

filled with joy, sugar, soy, and love

you kept me sane today

Seriously. The baristas at the Starbucks near campus know me. In one day. Because only a debate coach makes multiple (*cough* three *cough* plus one someone offered to do for me *cough*) trips in one day. It’s a bad habit. But probably not the worst habit I could have.

Drinks I had today:

  • Venti Unsweetened Passion Iced Tea (2 times)
  • Venti Iced Soy Latte
  • Venti Coffee Frappuccino Light with Soy Milk and 1 pump Mocha and 2 pumps Peppermint
  • Tall Iced Soy Pumpkin Latte

Now to get some sleep because tomorrow will be another long day!


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