Traveling through life with a timer and sneakers

One week in, three weeks to go. A reflection.

It has been one week since I committed to the Project GET HEALTHY challenge. And while I have attempted to follow all three of my daily tasks, I am figuring out that I still need to find a happy balance between socializing and getting healthy.

I also realize that taking up a challenge when my life has little structure makes it difficult to maintain from day to day. Without a scheduled wake-up or bedtime, I am free floating (and enjoying it). However, with the start of the school year, this is guaranteed to change.

So I have attempted to stay active and eat more vegetables. I tracked everything until social events overtook my weekend. And then the foods I ate were no longer ones my body agreed with and my activity stalled as I have been laid up with awful stomach pains.

Life is a learning process and I will just keep taking notes through the journey.


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