Traveling through life with a timer and sneakers

More is Better

I feel like I have been working a second (sometimes third) job most of my life.

When asked what hobby I do on a regular basis, I am tempted to reply “I diet.”

Dieting has consumed my life for almost half of my life. I gain, I lose, I gain, I lose. The perpetual seesaw.

This new program? HMR? It’s another diet. I know I am supposed to say it is a lifestyle change but I am not there yet. Many diets I have attempted have been “lifestyle changes” but my life didn’t change.

I am working on it. Working hard to live fully in the program. To not try to calculate calories too much these first few weeks but eat my prescription and when needed to practice “more is better” which is a mantra of the program. Hungry? Eat another HMR meal.

The idea of “more is better” is counter to everything I have ever been taught about dieting. I have been constantly bombarded with what needs to be cut. The only more that was ever better was more minutes on the treadmill.

The rational part of my brain understands the justifications for the program’s “more is better” tenet. But it is a struggle some days to eat the extra and not feel guilty. I know I need to eat extra some days. I understand this is an ultra-marathon and not a lap around the track. That staying “in the box” (eating only HMR products) is how I stay on track. And by staying full, I am not tempted to binge.

All of this makes sense. But it’s a hard hurdle to jump over some days. Today is definitely one of those days.


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