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Black Forest Mocha Shake


Our homework assignment for my Phase One class last week was to try a new cold shake. The purpose was to get us out of our comfort zone as well as bring in new ideas for summer. I was inspired by one of my classmates when she shared her creation during class and made some modifications yesterday and then again today to create my own version.

I have been participating in the Runner’s World #RWRunStreak which started Memorial Day and ends on the Fourth of July. The challenge is to get out and run at least one mile a day and while I am still a relatively slow short-distance runner, this seemed doable and so I have made it my goal to complete this each morning and I end each run at Starbucks where I pick up a tall black drip coffee. I then walk back to my home and throw that hot coffee into the freezer to cool while I shower and get ready for the day – c’mon the iced coffee costs almost 50 cents more for the same thing!!!

Black Forest Mocha: An HMR Shake Recipe

1 HMR 800

1 Tall Black Coffee from Starbucks (I *think* that’s 12 ounces?)

6 pumps Torani SF Black Cherry Syrup

1/2 TBSP Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa (it’s my favorite)

8 ice cubes

Blend liquids and powders together. Add ice and blend to desired consistency.

My shake is not super sweet. You could add zero calorie sweetener if you like but I like the bitterness of the cocoa and coffee. My classmate used SF chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder which may also sweeten it up.

This will definitely be a standard in my summer rotation!



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