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HMR Diet “Chips & Dip” Recipe

I have been missing snacks foods, especially chips & dip. While this isn’t an exact replica, it totally gets the job done!


HMR Enchilada Entree
Flakey Salt
Hot Sauce

Lay a silpat mat on a toaster over cookie sheet. I find this is much easier to clean than other methods.

Clean the enchilada “tortillas” from the sauce and filling, reserve those for the dip. Be careful when unraveling the enchiladas as the tortillas tend to break along where they’ve been folded.

Lay tortillas on silpat and sprinkle lightly with sea salt (optional).

Bake at 325 in toaster oven for approximately 30 minutes, turning over halfway through. The chips will not get fully crispy before they start to brown. They will harden a bit more after removing from oven so don’t let them burn waiting for them to get crispy in the oven.

When removed, use pizza cutter to cut “chips” into smaller pieces. They may harden more while resting.

Meanwhile, mix enchilada sauce and filling with hot sauce (heat varies by user). Heat for 30-45 seconds in microwave.

Some of my chips have not been strong enough to scoop but then I just spoon dip onto them to enjoy.

It’s definitely a different way to enjoy this entree and a great meal to have when hanging around with friends watching a sports game or a movie. Enjoy!


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